What is the Dexterous Lifestyle?

An organized, calm environment doesn't come easily to everyone. The Dexterous Lifestyle is a chance for you to learn about yourself, the way you think, what matters most to you, and the way you operate best in time and space. Once you learn you can then begin to shed years of shame, guilt, and feelings of inadequacy and start building a life of habits that move you toward the calm, organized environment you crave.

Who is the Dexterous Lifestyle For?

The Dexterous Lifestyle is for those who are ready to begin their journey to a more peaceful environment and is ready to dive within to find the answers. Despite being busy and overwhelmed, you are ready to put yourself first knowing you deserve a better environment for well-being. You're ready to create the habits and systems that work for you so you can get organized and stop letting clutter and disorganization getting in the way of you achieving your life's dreams, goals, and purpose.

How do I Join

The Dexterous Lifestyle Community!

You can visit this instructional video to explain how to take next steps.

"Getting organized is a sign of self-respect."

Gabrielle Bernstein

Dexterous Lifestyle Programs

We help you take a deep dive into figuring out you, giving you a self-paced course with videos, transcripts, worksheets, and expert resources along the journey. You can choose to go it alone, join our community for added support and accountability, or even get more 1-2-1 coaching with experts along the way.

Online Courses

24/7 access to a community of like-minded individuals completing the course and sharing their insights, wins, and struggles. Prerequisite: current online course members or completion of online course.


This robust and easy-to-follow self-guided course will provide you with the tools and life-long skills you'll need to create the organized and productive life you've struggled to create or maintain.


Sometimes we need a passenger to help us on our journey. Spot coaching, group coaching, and limited 1-2-1 coaching during your journey to better ensure you stick to the path and get to the finish line. You're in the driver's seat!

Each is sold separately. The Dexterous Lifestyle Online Course is mandatory to add on the community and/or the coaching.

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