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Podcast Features

Andrea shares 5 takeaways from this episode of Close The Deal. Com:

  1. Why she became a professional organizer

  2. How she got started as an entrepreneur

  3. Some of the unique challenges of being an entrepreneur in this field

  4. How she has grown her organizing business

  5. How she landed national PR for her organizing business starting with the Washington Post

I was inspired by Andrea’s propensity to organize and sort out other people's lives. No mean feat when you think how busy and cluttered our environment has become in the last 18 months. Andrea has an amazing knack of helping you love life again.

Listen as she helps us to value the the organized environment with a plan and purpose. It’s not difficult to sort the clutter, you just have to get started! Stuck? Andrea has a solution for that as well. Ready for the challenge?

Born and raised in the Washington, DC Metro area, Andrea graduated with an Accounting degree from the University of Maryland at College Park. An active member of NAPO (National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals), since the start of her business in 2010, she works with her team to help their clients to work hands-on with their clients from strategy, implementation, and (for those who are open to creating positive change) organizing coaching.


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